Our History

London Finance Group (LFG) was founded in 2006 by Christopher N. Westerlund with the help of Dan A. Bergman, Per O. Hjortsberg, and Nariman Pishdar.

LFG was primarily founded to meet a growing interest for an international finance career among the students in Gothenburg. Another important aspect was the need for a student network between the different educational institutions in Gothenburg. Finally, there existed a need for an organisation where highly skilled and motivated students, with a variety of competencies and educational backgrounds, could meet and develop an extended alumni network.

Since then, we have carried out over 15 trips to top-tier investment banks, both in London and Stockholm. Furthermore, we have facilitated new connections into the world of finance, and spring-boarded the careers of hundreds of motivated Gothenburg students.

However, during the fall of 2016, the board decided it was time for the society to take the next step and evolve from a small society into something greater, Gothenburg Investment Banking Society (GIBS). The rationale behind the shift is to increase awareness on campus of our activities and reinforce our profile towards London based investment banks by focusing on our origin rather than our target.